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Take a trip down Mammary Lane with Lencel Features’ release of the ‘Best of Lencel’s Pencil’ series of adult cartoon E-books. All adult comic books are 56 pages of full high resolution colour PDF files. All these e-books are collectors items and available for a limited period only. If NUDITY offends you please do not purchase these products. STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY. Brought to you by the naked cartoonist.

UPDATE! We have just added adult video products! Buy them now! Limited period only.

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Lencel arrived on this 3 rd dimension planet in the year 1944. The place South Africa, in the Transkei. His Dad was a highly talented Artist in his own right. Lencel therefore grew up in an artistic environment. Walt Disney was his Hero from a very young age. Schooled in Port Shepstone and Durban. Worked for the SABC as a sound engineer. Always did Art and Graphics for various printers and businesses during his 18 year stint at the SABC.

He started South Africa’s first ever Mans Magazines, Stag and SA. Men Only. He also started SA’s first cartoon Mag called Girly Toons. From there he started Smile Awhile that was banned in South Africa because of a few Nude cartoons, he then changed the name of the cartoon book to Giggles and Gags, it became very popular during the Border wars in South Africa during the 80’s. The name Lencel became a household name because of his controversial cartoons, and with his daring challenges of the South African Governments Censor Board, with each publication he also produced a new set of challenges. It is said that he kept most of the young servicemen of South Africa sane with his own insanities during the border wars by producing a cartoon and pin-up mag called “On the border line”.

He left the SABC in 1980 and started his Publication Business full time. He stopped publishing in 1996. His video business also ran parallel with his publishing business. He also came unstuck with the then Draconian Censor laws of the country on more than one occasion with the production of Naturist videos (Nudist videos). We will eventually also make some of these Videos available as soon as the Web Site is in full swing. With all the bannings imposed on him during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s he became the most banned cartoonist in the world. So the decision to publish some of his works after so many years, came about by numerous requests by many of his fans from his popular publishing days.

Some of the Book titles that will be published in PDF ebook format under the heading ‘THE BEST FROM LENCEL’S PENCIL will be, “Adult Fairytales”, “Cartoonica Erotica”, “Sex and the single Cartoon”, “The naked Cartoonist” and “Porn Toons”

So come and take a stroll down MAMMARY Lane and enjoy some of the FANNIEST Cartoons on the Web.


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